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•Fits Small Block Chevy engines w/ JESEL and similar external, dry timing-belt, cam drive systems

•Includes 3 wire hall-effect sensor (8-20 volts), anodized billet aluminum bracket, mounting hardware, mating connector, and stainless steel ¼”-20 “flying magnet” screw w/ high-temp, rare-earth magnet
•Unique t-nut and bracket design allows for complete sensor adjustment from the outside of the bracket with a single jam nut
•Designed to provide a plug-&-play cam position signal to Holley EFI systems; Also compatible with any EFI system which can read a digital, square-wave cam input signal
•Bracket assembly can be mounted in up to five locations to accommodate various cam-drive systems and front accessory drive configurations

556-119 Cam Sync Kit w/ Bracket Sm Block Chevy

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