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Holley HP EFI ECU & Harness for 2011-Present Ford Coyote Engine, Plug and Play Kit – USCAR “EV6 Style” injector harness - NTK Wideband O2

•Designed specifically for 2011-Present Ford Coyote Engines
•Plug and play with factory sensors; Crank, Cam, Cylinder Head Temp, etc
•Plug and play with factory actuators; Coils, Injectors
•Connectors for Holley Fuel Pressure and Oil Pressure sensors
•Connectors for expanded Inputs and Outputs
•TPS and IAC Connectors for Manual Throttle Body retrofits (4V Ford Modular style)
•Complete plug and play kits include HP ECU, NTK Wideband O2 sensor, MAP sensor, Coil Drivers and all necessary Harnesses

550-618N HP ECU/Harnss 2011-Presnt Ford Coyote NTK

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