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480 PPH In-line Universal Electric Fuel Pump, Street/Strip EFI Applications 

Compatible with Gasoline only
•Free Flow per/hr. = 80 Gallons / 303 Liters / 480 Pounds at 15 psi
•Free Flow per/hr. = 67 Gallons / 255 Liters / 404 Pounds at 45 psi
•Draws 5 amps at 15 psi
•Will feed up to 800 horsepower throttle body EFI units
•Will feed up to 700 horsepower multipoint units
•Will feed up to 600 horsepower forced induction multipoint units
•OE proven design
•Lightweight and compact
•Rubber isolator, mounting clamps and electrical hardware included
•3/8" barbed fittings included
Should be mounted below the fuel level of the tank for a good gravity feed on the inlet side.

12-920 In-line Universal Electric Fuel Pump

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