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The touch screen LCD provides a dynamic range of tuning & data monitoring options in a compact 3.5” LCD display

•Full Color, Backlit 3.5” Touch Screen LCD
•Laptop-Free Tuning changes to help optimize mileage, driveability & performance
•Basic Tuning options allow simple adjustments of Basic Fuel, Fuel Learn, Basic Idle, Spark, Drive-by-Wire, & Transmission
•System Tuning options allow modifications to Outputs, Engine Setup, Ignition Setup, & additional Transmission setup
•Advanced Tuning options allow fine tuning of Fuel, Closed Loop, Learn, & Idle (including IAC parameters & Idle Spark)
•Monitor a vast number of Parameters in Pre-Configured Multi-Gauge & Monitor Screens, or configure your own
•Set up ECU Datalogging, Download Datalogs to SD Card, Upload & Download Global Folders via SD Card, Update ECU Firmware & Adjust Rev Limiters 1 & 2
•Includes 3.5” Touch Screen, Mounting Sleeve, Power & Extension Harness, SD Card & User Manual CD
•Sleeve Dimensions: 3.625w x 2.925h x 1.00" thick

553-108 3.5" LCD Touch Screen

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