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•Shiny Finish •Bolt on carburetor replacement (designed to fit single & dual carb manifolds) •Throttle body mounted ECU – no extra boxes to mount •Supports up to 600hp (4 injector version) and 1200hp (8 injector version) •4 wire vehicle connection (Battery +, Battery - , Switched Ignition & RPM) •Integrated fuel pressure regulator •Integrated ignition timing control & coil driver •Color touchscreen for setup and gauge views •Calibration Wizard (Answer a few questions about your engine and it creates the base map, then starts tuning on its own!) - NO laptop required! •Self-tuning ECU means you don’t have to be a computer/tuning wiz to have EFI! •Available in base & master kits (Master kits include complete fuel system: fuel pump, filters, feed and return hose and all fittings including fuel tank return line bulkhead fitting.)


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